2018 Kent Property Market Report

This is the second year that we have produced the Kent Property Market Report.
This annual publication is now in its 27th edition and provides an invaluable insight and analysis of the performance of the area’s property by sector and the key projects supporting the county’s growth and economic development. The Kent Property Market Report is produced by the Economic Development Division of Kent County Council in partnership with Caxtons Chartered Surveyors and Locate in Kent.




Kent County Council: Weather warning graphics

For winter 2016 we were asked to produce a series weather warning icons for use on the KCC website and social media platforms. The ten different icons were colour coded (following the Met Office colour coding system) to represent the severity of the weather conditions. As well as creating the icons we also designed Facebook and Twitter banners.




Variable Data Publishing: Print on demand

Until not that long ago, if you were a business that printed and mailed several thousand copies of your brochures to your customers (and potential customers), the only option was traditional lithographic printing.


However, some businesses (notably universities/colleges and travel companies) are offering a ‘print on demand’ solution as an alternative. Using Variable Data Publishing customers could visit your website, select their area of interest by completing a simple web ordering form and then receive, via VDP composition software, a personalised pdf and/or a digitally printed copy, mailed to their address; the pdf creation and print/mailing being handled by the printer.


VDP eliminates the need (and cost) of printing and storing thousands of copies of brochures. It also reduces the cost of mailing out bulky brochures as the weight of a smaller, more targeted brochure, is typically considerably less. If we consider a university or college that offers numerous course options, it would be fair to assume that their typical customer is probably only interested in a very small number of courses. VDP means they just receive content that is tailored and relevant to them – you can even include a personalised message. The same applies to a travel company that offers numerous destination options. Another benefit of VDP is that amendments can be made to the digital artwork easily and as frequently as required.




MAY 2017


1972 Munich Olympics branding by Otl Aicher