Why us?

We believe in the power of good design

Since 2006 we have been creating award winning graphic design work across a broad range of business sectors, helping our clients with both their printed and digital communications.


We believe in the power of good design and its ability to bring simplicity and understanding where there is complexity and confusion. Good design has the ability to both convert and inspire. It stands out in a competitive market, understands its audience and responds with creativity, intelligence, intuitiveness and clarity. Good design adds value and is great for business.

We will become your customer

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and our experience is extremely varied. Travel, publishing, education, medical, engineering, banking and financial are just some of the sectors we have worked across.


The type and nature of the projects we undertake is as diverse as the business sectors we span. Identity and branding, brand consultancy, brochures and prospectuses, magazines (including e-magazines), books, annual reports, websites and digital communication, exhibitions and campaigns are all areas we are experienced in.


Regardless of the size of the project, we believe it is our job to work with our clients to create a considered, appropriate design solution. This starts by understanding your customers. What is the best way to communicate with them? How do you want them to feel? What story do you want to tell? We need to clear away any preconceptions and become your customer.

We go the extra mile

We don’t do mediocrity. We don’t churn work out to make a quick buck. Every job gets the same care and commitment, be it a business card or brand identity. We’ll study a brief and then ask lots of questions so we can find the right answers. Sometimes we arrive at a solution that is different to what is expected. Our passion for design, our perfectionism and our attention to detail drive us that extra mile to produce the best possible result and ensure the total fulfilment of your objectives.

We are agile and proactive

Even the very best planned projects are not immune from last minute  changes and edits. Business isn't always, or in fact rarely is, nine to five and that's when you need to be working with people who can accommodate last minute requests and turn amendments around quickly.


We are a small but agile and proactive business that can respond with speed without compromising quality and efficiency. Our proactive approach means that we look for potential obstacles, ask the right questions, and use our initiative to overcome obstacles before they turn into concrete roadblocks.

It’s a pleasure working with Peter. He responds quickly to all requests, is super-competent in the dark arts of Creative Cloud and highly accurate, able to interpret sometimes less-than-perfect briefs to produce top quality design and artwork with the minimum of fuss. He’s comfortable and assured in front of clients, and we certainly value his ability to juggle multiple projects at speed.